Perfect Love

Perfect Love
Original Pen name – Rebecca Ellen Hickson

The ways I love thee, are eternal.
Love which emanates from the fullness of God.
Though time may snare to steal.
Each passing day, love is strengthened.
Like a pearl within an oyster grows with zeal.
Love’s seed has endless growth.
Routed in my souls depth.
Even if the rain should cease to water?
If death shall come within a stir?
Love will remain to face its gloom.
Only to conquer all, and its righteous place resume.
Though many tears may shed, from within a broken heart.
They are not lost, but gathered in the soul to impart.
God’s hallowed power of tears, heal through love’s prayers.
Speaking to our Spirit within our frame.
Healing love’s pain.
God manifests His love in us.
God is perfect love.

About Rebecca Robinson

I'm a country girl who loves being outdoors where everything seems new every morning. It is my passion to write about life and experiences while at the same time, dipping into my imagination. Recently, I published three fiction books called "The Narrow Road Series". Previously in 2005, through Xulon Press, I published a non-fiction inspirational/biography/study book title - "When Time Stands Still" written under pen name Rebecca Hickson. Poetry is also included in many of my stories. You can listen to some of my music on SoundCloud. The fourth book in "The Narrow Road Series", Joseph the Mountain Road is newly released. Writing and learning how the internet works, seems to take up a great deal of my time.

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