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King Street

A day in a world caught up in a race,
busy streets, polluted air, forlorn face.
Taking a birds eye view, of a complicated world.
a frantic trap waiting to be hurled.

Yet a hand divine displays a picture of God Himself.
through His creation, His endless wealth.
We are so small yet an intricate part of a fabric blend of perfect art.
Though the groaning of our heart, eat away and tare us apart.

He grafts within a wounded soul
His love, His grace, so strong, so full.
To different heights, He gently leads, through desert lands . . .
then mountain weeds.

But each step we take, not alone
for God the Father calls us on . . .
Prodding us, watching us from sunrise to sunset.
His hand of love holding us abreast.

To strengthen, prepare us for what days lie ahead.
breathing life to our dry bones that seem very dead.
So Praise the Lord, whether you are happy or sad.
Remember who is really your Dad.

Be His child, so sweet and so pure.
For not, but rest, in His loving arms.
The days seem weary and you don’t feel strong.
The wait may seem to tarry along.
The end result will be a fruitful song.

“Be still and know that I am God”

Copyright – August 19, 1998
Rebecca Wills-Robinson.

My Wedding Poem

My Wedding Poem
Original pen name – Rebecca Ellen Hickson

My lover is mine and I am his;
Love is a walk on a moonlit night,
the feeling I get when you hold me tight.
Love is the pain I feel when we’re apart.
Love is you holding the key to my heart.

Love is understanding my ways
and putting up with my good and bad days.
Love is sharing and giving.

Love is life and life is living.
So we can love, honour and cherish
with a love so strong it will never perish.

Arm and Arm

Arm and Arm
Original Pen name – Rebecca Ellen Hickson

Arm and Arm they walk the flowered path
The Spring breeze gently leading them on
Highlighted locks with smiles aglow
Their Shepherd sings them a perfect song

Not a worry to frown their hearts
Two friends knit by the love of God
Fragrant is the evergreen essence
Mingling with the breath of God

Enthralling light and cheering sunshine
Fills their hearts with exultant joy
Running the path of life together
Shaded by His Mighty Wings

Arm and Arm and Heart to Heart
Forever and a day
A friendship blessing bestowed upon them
Praise God they do in every way

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love
Original Pen name – Rebecca Ellen Hickson

She sat, arms stretched out to her daddy
crying out for love,
with no restriction, no restraint at all:

No walls to divide them,
complete unconditional love she gestured:

I love you!

He picked her up, hands soft and gentle.
He held her like a delicate flower,
you are my child.

The baby responded with smiles:
a coo, of unknown words,
but in his heart he knew.

Years have passed by.
She said, reminiscing
with love and gratitude within her heart

He loved me!
Unconditionally! He loved me!

It was like having a constant friend.
Even still he dwells within my heart.
There he will reside until we meet again.

Eternal Friend

Eternal friend
Original pen name – Rebecca Ellen Hickson

The days have past, turned into years.
Times of sadness, emptiness and tears.
But each tear has been gathered.
By one whose love would never cease.
By a God who willingly gives us peace.
It took some time for me to realize,
I was never really without a friend.
The Lord was always with me.
Collecting my tears in His hand.
Time and time again I would turn to God,
when consumed with despair.
In hope that there was someone who cared.
I opened the door,
which was continuously knocked upon.
His entrance wrought within my heart
an instant bond.
A friendship which would last forever
with one accord.
This friend is my constant companion,
He is Jesus Christ my Lord.

Painting of Love

Painting of love
Original pen name – Rebecca Ellen Hickson

Love is like a winter wind
Fresh and brisk tantalizingly zestful

Love is like a summer breeze
Cozy and warm arrestingly tranquil

Love is like the dew of spring
new and rejuvenating peacefully awakening

Love is like the colours of fall
Bold and exciting vibrantly magnificent


Original pen name – Rebecca Ellen Hickson
The heart is broken by such loss.
It tightens with each breath.
Trampled by a ton of weight.
It suffocates the will to live.
Each day it awakens like a rusty pump.
It has no choice but to face the gloom.
Escape is nothing more than fantasy.
Dreams erase the pain but only for a moment.
Destiny must run the course.
Conquer one day at a time.
Until the heart no longer feels the pain.
Today is but a fragment of tomorrow.
Close the chamber of this broken heart.
Open the door of tomorrow and breathe again.
Awaken, put your feet on the floor.
Realize that yes, you are still alive.


Original Pen name – Rebecca Ellen Hickson

A friend is one who brings a pleasant warmth to the heart.
Like a gentle breeze, friendship soothes, comforts, restores.
You know it is there, even if apart.
A friend is one who brings a healing smile to your eyes.
Guided by God’s love to light the way.
A friend is one who points out the beauty in a cloudy sky.
Sees the brightness in every colour.
A lily in a field, a wind to help the eagle fly.
A friend is one who can call any hour of the day.
To wipe a tear, give a hug or hold a hand.
Who even in silence, lets you know everything is okay.
A friend is one who can share the precious gifts from God.
To be God’s grace and His embrace.
An extension of His arm, a chalice of the love of God.
A friend is one who can only give ones best to another.
Accept the shortfalls of others and love them even more.
A friend is one who sticks closer than a brother.
Gets down on bended knees and covers a friend with prayer.
Like dew on the grass or the moon that lights the night.
A friend is unique and special, someone who really cares.

Perfect Love

Perfect Love
Original Pen name – Rebecca Ellen Hickson

The ways I love thee, are eternal.
Love which emanates from the fullness of God.
Though time may snare to steal.
Each passing day, love is strengthened.
Like a pearl within an oyster grows with zeal.
Love’s seed has endless growth.
Routed in my souls depth.
Even if the rain should cease to water?
If death shall come within a stir?
Love will remain to face its gloom.
Only to conquer all, and its righteous place resume.
Though many tears may shed, from within a broken heart.
They are not lost, but gathered in the soul to impart.
God’s hallowed power of tears, heal through love’s prayers.
Speaking to our Spirit within our frame.
Healing love’s pain.
God manifests His love in us.
God is perfect love.

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