Rebecca Robinson – Narrow Road Series


Rebecca Robinson lives in Ontario Canada. After the death of her brother Larry Wills in 1989, she became a born again Christian and found answers to her many questions. It was not long until God changed her perspective and brought her from a depressed way of thinking and writing into a place of hope and inspiration. God truly put many new songs into her heart. Within one year she had written over twenty gospel songs and many poems.  That was when she compiled a CD titled Greater Love and a book of her poetry – Inspirational Poems of the Heart. Through songs, poetry and books she seeks to inspire others by sharing how God is at work within her own life experiences.


Roseway – The Road that Never Ends.

Rose Shaffer (Roseway) was abducted from her home when she was six. For twelve years she lived under the strict, heavy hand of Big Joe Demerse. Desperation, faith, and determination help her find a way to escape and walk the road that never ends. A kindred friendship develops between Roseway and a young woman (Ripley Wilks). Living in a condemned warehouse, the two young women help each other overcome the hurts of the past to face the challenges in the present. In the process, both women must find reconciliation with their families. As family relationships re-unite, danger prowls around every dark corner. Big Joe Demerse rises from the ashes to wreak havoc in all their lives. God shines His light in the dark places where one must eventually make the choice whether or not to forgive.


Ripley – The Road to Acceptance

Life as Ripley Wilks has known it changes within minutes. In a coma, and close to death, Ripley receives new revelation from God through a series of visions. In each, she sees for the first time a God’s eye view of key points in her life. It changes everything. Through the visions, she gains insight and acceptance, and a desire to walk the narrow road for the Lord, no matter what that might entail. At the same time, Roseway finds that married life is not always as blissful as she once dreamed. Doubts, lies of the enemy and temptation seek to destroy her. The battle within her mind drives her to dark places. The consequences meet her face to face as she walks the narrow road between life and death.


Jenn – The Road of Sacrifice

The death of Jenn Big Canoe turns a city upside down. Panicking police try to hide their own addictions. Pocket filled lawyers and crooked politicians are coming out of the dark corners like cockroaches. Where there is darkness there is found a flicker of light as Ripley Wilks and Jim Strong search to find justice. They walk the road of sacrifice to finish the work Jenn began by helping a young woman named Sarah escape from the control of Link Jones. Ripley and Jim find themselves entangled in a web of corruption with no one to trust but their own wavering faith. This story hits the hot topics which plague our nightly news. Though this is a fictional story full of suspense, it does give a moral message of hope, spirituality and freedom from addiction.


Joseph – The Mountain Road.

In this emotionally charged journey, the Roberts family face tragedy. They encounter life-or-death decisions which test their faith to the limit. Will faith prevail or will they give in to the dark night of despair, grief and depression?
Find out how this family overcomes a tragedy so raw and so real. This story conveys the emotional conflicts many people experience when faced with tragic life events.

Four riveting stories with strong relatable life experiences.


When Time Stands Still

Rebecca is the author of the book When Time Stands Still.  This was her first book, written under the pen name of Rebecca Hickson. It is a motivational, non-fiction, short chapter book based on her autobiography.  Having experienced the loss of friends and family members through death and suicide, she has been learning how to overcome these life challenges. Her book also touches on topics of rejection, friendship and biblical truths with a few fiction stories added. There is a bible study for each chapter that will help the reader find many answers which can help anyone find the victory of life, through Jesus Christ. Since the writing of that first book, Rebecca’s imagination has been unleashed. She has recently published the “Narrow Road Series”. Rebecca also shares her blog of inspirations because she loves to write about subjects which touch the heart. Through experiences, sight, sounds and touch, the power of her words paints a picture conveying a biblical message. 

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  1. Glad to bounce into your blog post today Rebecca. I wish you the very best of success in your desires. May you shine.


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