Rebecca Robinson’s Book store

Rebecca Robinson’s Book store

Narrow Road Series

by Rebecca Robinson

When Time Stands Still

Rebecca invites you into her living room to share with you her most precious moments, her deepest sorrows, and the love of Christ Jesus. Each chapter is like a Spanish guitar waiting to be strummed. Written from her heart and shared with passion, she descriptively conveys a message of hope for those coping with death, rejection, suicide, or depression. Her combination of autobiography, fiction stories, and poetry brings a freshly diverse book into print. Can also be purchased on Kindle. There is a bible study to go with each chapter. Plus standard shipping fee. Local orders – free delivery


Roseway the Road that Never Ends – Book 1 Narrow Road Series

Roseway Shaffer was abducted from her home when she was six. For twelve years she has lived under the strict, heavy hand of Big Joe Demerse. Desperation, faith, and determination help her find a way to escape, but will she ever be safe? A kindred friendship develops between Roseway and Ripley Wilks. Living in a condemned warehouse, the two young women help each other overcome the hurts of the past and face the challenges of the present. As they struggle to forgive, reconcile with their families, and move forward, a menace from the past seems to prowl around every dark corner. Plus standard shipping fee. Local orders – free delivery


Ripley The Road to Acceptance – Book 2, Narrow Road Series

Life as Ripley Wilks has known it changes within minutes. In a coma and close to death, Ripley receives new revelation from God through a series of visions. In each, she sees for the first time a God’s eye view of key points in her life. It changes everything. Through the visions, she gains insight, acceptance, and a desire to walk the narrow road for the Lord, no matter what that might entail. At the same time, Roseway finds that married life is not always as blissful as she once dreamed. Doubts, lies of the enemy and temptation seek to destroy her. The battle with her mind drives her to dark places. The consequences meet her face to face as she walks the narrow road between life and death. Plus standard shipping fee. Local orders – free delivery


Jenn The Road of Sacrifice – Book 3, Narrow Road Series

The rope was tight around her wrists. She pleaded with Link Jones not to inject her. He tapped the full syringe and squirted out a few drops of the drug. The droplets sprayed into the air like mist. The drug lord had no pity and, it would seem, no soul. The death of Jenn Big Canoe turns a city upside-down. Panicking police try to hide their own addictions. Pocket-filled lawyers and crooked politicians come out of the dark corners like cockroaches. In the darkness, is a flicker of light as Ripley Wilks and Jim Strong search to find justice. They walk the road of sacrifice to finish the work Jenn began: helping a young woman named Sarah escape from Link’s control before she meets Jenn’s fate. Ripley and Jim find themselves entangled in a web of corruption with no one to trust but their own wavering faith. Plus standard shipping fee. Local orders – free delivery


New Release Coming soon – Joseph the Mountain Road

Joseph, Roseway and their children arrive at their new home full of excitement. Not long after the move their challenges and change begin. They come face-to-face with their worst nightmare causing them to question their faith and their path forward. This is a story about how Joseph and his family find peace after their lives have been turned upside-down. Plus standard shipping fee. Local orders – free delivery


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