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King Street

A day in a world caught up in a race,
busy streets, polluted air, forlorn face.
Taking a birds eye view, of a complicated world.
a frantic trap waiting to be hurled.

Yet a hand divine displays a picture of God Himself.
through His creation, His endless wealth.
We are so small yet an intricate part of a fabric blend of perfect art.
Though the groaning of our heart, eat away and tare us apart.

He grafts within a wounded soul
His love, His grace, so strong, so full.
To different heights, He gently leads, through desert lands . . .
then mountain weeds.

But each step we take, not alone
for God the Father calls us on . . .
Prodding us, watching us from sunrise to sunset.
His hand of love holding us abreast.

To strengthen, prepare us for what days lie ahead.
breathing life to our dry bones that seem very dead.
So Praise the Lord, whether you are happy or sad.
Remember who is really your Dad.

Be His child, so sweet and so pure.
For not, but rest, in His loving arms.
The days seem weary and you don’t feel strong.
The wait may seem to tarry along.
The end result will be a fruitful song.

“Be still and know that I am God”

Copyright – August 19, 1998
Rebecca Wills-Robinson.

No Greater Love

No Greater Love – Click here to hear my love song to Jesus.

One might do something nice for a neighbour, a friend, a family member or even a stranger. Can you imagine giving up your life for another or giving up your life for someone who hates you? There are heroes, who have done this. Jesus said, “There is no Greater Love than a man lay down his life for a friend.” (John 15:13)

We know that Jesus walked the talk and was the perfect example. He was sinless, yet, He took on the sins of the world. This song is my appreciation to Him – recognition and praise to my Saviour for doing this for me. I too am a sinner. Thank you , Father,for your perfect son, for your grace and for providing a way of atonement and redemption not only for me, but also for all who receive Your gift of love. I receive your Love and Give back to you my Lord with a heart of gratitude. You, Oh Lord, are worthy of all praise, now and for all eternity.

Love, Rebecca

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