Book launch a great success

narrowroad1 Click on link to see the Snap Newspaper  write-up and picture taken at the book launch.

On Saturday evening we enjoyed an amazing book launch for the three books in the Narrow Road Series. I’m sure that many who attended left changed after hearing the amazing testimony of how God’s love and grace works in the life of this young woman Sarah Hamilton. Her real life testimony parallels so much to the fictional characters within my books. I only met Sarah a month ago when I was just in the planning stage for the book launch. It is amazing to me to know that God directed Sarah into my path.

Over the evening, it was just so evident that God was at work, pulling the program together. I did not know what Sarah would share. I did not know what editor Gwendolyn Elliot would say regarding the characters of the books or what insights she would speak about according to her perspective on the books. I had my own script of things I would tell about the books. When all was said and done everything shared and spoken all just flowed together. The message was one of  inspiration and hope for all.

Sarah gave a testimony of how God opened her eyes one star filled night as she looked up into the sky. On that dark night in her life, the light of Jesus shined bright. In tears as she told of her experience, she could barely speak of what that felt like in that moment. God truly called her back to walk the narrow road with Him. Sarah was lost in a life of drugs, sex, depression with very little will to live. On that night God transformed her life. She now serves her Saviour with sincerity, love and compassion. I will be posting her testimony in the near future. Please check in with this blog to hear her testimony. Amazing!

I would publicly like to thank the entire Word Alive Press publishing team who worked with me on the publishing of the Narrow Road Series. It was wonderful working with such professionals who truly care about getting the word of God in print. It was a learning curve publishing three books in the series together rather than one at a time.

Thank you Gwendolyn Elliot for speaking at the launch and giving us your insights into the characters of each book. It was nice to hear your perspective, being that you are of the age of many of the characters within the books. I appreciate your edits, constructive comments. Great job! I will also post the entire audio of the Book Launch and Gwendolyn’s comments.

Thanks to Maegan Hickson, Joanne Gray and my husband Danny for helping me with the short reading of the book. I now know who will be my actors when we make a movie of these books. Academy award performance.

Now onward we go. Pass on the great news about the new release of Roseway the Road that Never Ends – Ripley the Road to Acceptance and Jenn the Road of Sacrifice.

Thanks to all,

Blessings, Rebecca Robinson

About Rebecca Robinson

I'm a country girl who loves being outdoors where everything seems new every morning. It is my passion to write about life and experiences while at the same time, dipping into my imagination. Recently, I published three fiction books called "The Narrow Road Series". Previously, I published a non-fiction inspirational/biography/study book title - "When Time Stands Still" written under pen name Rebecca Hickson. Poetry is also included in many of my stories. You can listen to some of my music on SoundCloud. The fourth book in "The Narrow Road Series", Joseph the Mountain Road is newly released.

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  1. Rebecca Hickson, I am honoured to have been invited to your launch that one Saturday afternoon. Your truly and an inspiration to me. Amidst the heavy work schedule I have and trying to deal with my personal life, I’m happy to say that I’m almost finished reading Ripley and looking forward to getting started with the last boom of your trilogy. You are a very talented writer and an even more talented woman, wife and mother. Keep doing what you have been destined to do. And that’s to inspire.

    Samira Sidow


  2. Thank you Samira,

    I must tell you that is was a pleasure meeting you also. I am so happy that my books have been inspiring you. You are a lovely young lady and I am sure that God has a wonderful plan for your life. May He give you strength, courage and wisdom as you walk the Narrow Road with Him. Blessings to you Samira. “We can do all things exceedingly and abundantly through Christ who gives us strength.”



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